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Elite students learn differently. Here's how they do it.


How we groom our elites

3 specific programmes for 3 age groups

Young Elite Creative Artist

(Ages 3-6) In this course, your child will learn how to use simple objects to invent new artworks that they wouldn't have thought possible before witnessing. (Bringing back the old days of Art Attack).

This will quickly broaden their imagination and creativity, which will make them an asset to any organization (even their own) later.

Young Elite Thinker

(Ages 8-13) One thing that sets apart smart students from others is their thinking skills. In this course, your child will learn 5 techniques every sharp thinker uses to find answers quickly.

We will use the "Rider & Horse Technique" to make your child 2 to 3 years smarter than all his friends.

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Young Elite CEO

(Ages 13+) When your child is ready, we will invite him (or her) to the Young Elite CEO programme where we'll show him a different walk of life.

The programme will guide him to excel in society and provide solutions to help others in the community.

Attending this programme is like graduating in the university of life.

The Young Elites Philosophy

Most successful people are where they are right now because at some point in their lives, they were in the right place. A place that gave them ideas, knowledge, skills, connections, etc.

At Young Elites, we are that “right place” for the elites of tomorrow.

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At Young Elites, we use the Rider & Horse Technique to help your child develop skills he or she will never pick up in the classroom. These are skills that only top performers possess.

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